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Our Mission

  • By 31st March 2023, 100 Jobs per Month with revenue worth 1 million per month.
  • To make job aspirants competent enough to thrive in private sector.
  • Job for each candidate/ staff for each employer. (Who has Registered)
  • To become official recruitment channel for distinguished clients
  • To become one of the best placement consultants in South Gujarat before 31st March 2023.
  • Empower aspirants by providing guidance & training of Job skills.
  • Ensure that the skills and job needs of the disadvantaged and the marginalized groups like SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities, Women and Differently able persons are taken care of.
  • To bring dignity to labour.

Our Vision

To stand out of crowd by building everlasting organization that educates employers and makes staff recruiting simple.
To promote economic growth by co-ordinating workforce for proper job placement, and thereby enhancing social stability and quality of life of families.
Better life through better work.

Our Values

  • EMPATHY to do a better job for clients by understanding their perspective.
  • GOING THE EXTRA MILE to get repetition by doing more than expectation of client in a better and quicker format.
  • HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY more than anything, do always, what is in best interest of client.
  • To remain consistently consistent.

What we are

iROJGAR is one of its kind workforce placement organisations. Generally, placement Consultants provide you a Job, while iROJGAR offers you a career. We help professionals and non-professionals find employment and assist job providers in locating the skilled talents they need to succeed, with a reasonable charge through technology driven job portal. iROJGAR is a new dimension in Surat where job seekers across Surat, South Gujarat or India can rely upon for competitive placement. Every day we update our website and database with available jobs and opportunities for your career building. We provide you, career counselling along with interview preparation and also offer services for portfolio / CV / resume / bio data write up or making.
iROJGAR has established relationships with market leaders of various segments of job / placement market for providing jobs. They post various vacancies for hiring staff / employees. Thus we help them find staffing solution and we ourselves are emerging as staffing solution provider. We are finding more strategic alliances and joining hands with many other renowned names of our field.
Seeking a job is one and dedicating oneself to build career is another one. iROJGAR has a wide database of available jobs in and around Surat. Massive database of job providers and large number of competitive candidates are ready to serve various requirements.
iROJGAR currently is focusing on staffing solutions for South Gujarat region of India. iROJGAR has the trained, competitive and dedicated employee team to serve the patrons.

How we proceed

Services Offered By Us

  • Registration and Placement of Job Seekers
  • SMS Alerts for eligible job seekers
  • Registration of Job Providers
  • Employment Market Information
  • Occupational Information
  • Career Guidance & Counselling
  • Employment Promotion Programme
  • Skill Development
  • Job Fair
  • Training for Tribal Youth
  • To provide support & assistance to service provider & service seeker from organized/unorganized sector.
  • Special employment & self-employment guidance for differently-able persons.
  • Career Library
  • To develop data bank of highly qualified candidates from the Live Register
  • To enhance and expand employability of students who are certified as pass in their respective education.
  • Preparation of interview
  • Preparation of CVs, resume.

Why Should You Register With Us

  • iROJGAR is an organization that provides employment assistance on the basis of qualification, experience and expectation. iROJGAR allows unemployed / employed, educated / skilled, youth / middle aged person for impending job vacancies occurring in various sectors.
  • iROJGAR also focuses on vocational guidance, career counselling, training besides registration, submission of CVs, placement, etc.
  • Employers can post / upload their needs / vacancies with the website and choose among the registered candidates as per their requirements and salary packages. The employers are instructed to furnish information relating to the result of selection against the vacancies notified within thirty days from date of selection, to make the registration data more rational.
  • The website intends to provide and include contract labourers / employees also.
  • Special type of web-mobile-personal contact integrated, virtual as well as real Naukri bazaar (Employment mall). Job seekers can connect with Job providers.
  • Low cost, created to meet present day need of job market, affordable solutions to your Job requirements.

Benefits after registration

  • Job seekers can search for suitable jobs based on their qualification – The registered job seekers can check their status on the job waiting list online.
  • Whenever vacancies are announced / posted, list of registered members with suitable educational / experience eligibility are forwarded to respective employers for consideration.
  • Registered job seekers will also get SMS / email alerts about jobs, they are eligible.
  • Unique registration ID will be provided for all future communications.

What Do We Do For Your Betterment

For job seeker:

  • Registration and renewal of job seeker’s registration through email, SMS, telephonic voice call.
  • Vacancy notification and submission of willingness for it and other details will be made available online at this website.
  • Employment market information is updated here on quarterly basis through this website.
  • Vocational guidance and all relevant information are provided, if a job seeker contacts us or mail a query.
  • To benefit the job seekers and to give them larger reach links to various jobs will be made available.
  • Interview line up without any charge as per our promotional schemes.

For job provider:

  • Facilitated to notify vacancies on website to have pan India/global access.
  • Provides access to job seeker’s database for selection of proper candidate.
  • Marketing and SMS/email campaign will be done for job provider, on behalf of them to ensure perfect match.
  • Employment market information, current salary standards in a particular area, guidance for compliance of government rule will be provided.
  • Email on future job market trends will be forwarded to registered employers.
  • Facilitate manpower planning and analysis.
  • Resume of required staff are made available without any charge as per our promotional schemes.

That Extra Mile We Go For You

Caution: - All these activities are done and available only to the job seekers who are registered with us.

1. Recruitment drive- “Bharti mela” or Job fair.

With an object of bringing suitable job seekers and the prospective job providers on the same platform and face – to – face, recruitment drives are organized in various business and / or industrials hubs. Freshers / trainees / technical / skilled / unskilled / professionals can find and meet to job providers and discuss personally. Executives from iROJGAR do all these for you.

2. Overseas Job Information and Facilitation centre

India is one of the biggest exporting countries of manpower to the world as she has maximum number of youth population as her citizens. Hence we provide information and other supports to the students and the job seekers in the following aspects

  • Educational opportunities available abroad and how you can grab it.
  • How to get work permit / work in foreign countries.
  • Immigration opportunities in foreign countries.
  • Passport application and other visa related guidance.

3. Guidance on self-employment schemes of government

We provide information and guidance regarding self-employment opportunities available through various loan/subsidy assistance schemes run by different governments.
Similarly job seekers are provided a guidance regarding skill development opportunities in ITI, and other training institutions.

4. Career Counselling

This facility is for the students and fresh graduates of rural and urban areas. Our executives and associates render vocational guidance as per the requirement of schools/colleges/ associations of caste etc. Under this initiative career discourse, parents meeting, seminar on career options, one-to–one personal meeting are possible to arrange. In a modified format it is done as career and vocational guidance to the registered job seeker.

5. Preparation for job interview (If necessary on payment basis)

A job interview is a meeting organised by a recruiter used to evaluate a potential employee for prospective employment at a company. Job interviews typically precede a hiring decision and therefore it is very important that you deliver your best at interview.
Let our highly qualified and well versed experts help you prepare on a typical job interview to avoid regret on rejection.
We prepare you best on your strength, help you learn how to high light your achievements in relevance to job applied.

6. Preparation of CVs, resume- (If necessary on payment basis)

Get our experts to write your resume. We use the right keywords to highlight your career goals and achievements in an effective structure and crisp formatting to make your resume stand out.


Telephonic assistance: (during office hours) Give a missed call on: +91 846 000 94 00 or +91 90 81 628 628
Assistance is available, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on working days i.e. Monday to Friday.