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Important Management Lessons for new Managers

Management experts have told, “Management means Managing Men Tactfully”. For small and medium scale enterprises, it is an inevitable requisite to train the managers to manage team and manage people.

 On the other hand it is also obvious that at this stage SME or MSME can only opt for the mediocre managers on board. Therefore such managers have to cultivate some human relational skills so as to perform in accordance to the professional avenues.

 Following are certain management lessons – a manager should adopt:

 1)You Need Other People

 As a team leader or a manager, you need a team, you need people. Revolution cannot be brought single handedly. Same way, an organization also needs different skill set of people to grow in overall dimensions.

2)You Cannot Avoid Tough Conversations

When different mindsets of people come on a common platform, there may be a trivia of different opinions; an organization is like a bucket of various ideologies so there may be chances of frictions. Being a manager they should not be overlooked but they should be encountered and dealt tactfully. 

3) You Must Understand Your Company’s Policies

Being a manager, there may be chances when you sympathize your team mates, but at that time one has to be rationale & aware with policies while decision making.

4)You Need Training

You are not an ace; you are a little more competent that’s why you have got this opportunity. But you have to accept that you have to acquire training to deal with people and situations effectively.

5)Leadership Is Not A Position, But An Attitude

Leadership is not a designation but its an opportunity to groom oneself and also others. It’s a responsibility to take people ahead from where they are.

6)Character Counts

A manager should be straight forward, transparent character to be inspired, motivated and replicated. Their words and deeds should have that alignment with each other.