Please Wait...

 Arrive early: 30 minutes prior to the start of the interview.

 Make yourself calm & comfortable while you are waiting outside for your interview.

 When you get your call make yourself easy and take your documents file properly in your hand.

 In front of the door take in 3 deep breaths and release them in 6 seconds.

 Softly knock the door(even if the door is open)

 Open the door very softly and take permission of the board for entry like-

     Sir….. please may I come in.

     May I come in sir. And say thank you after permission.

 Softly close the door and wish the board with gentle standing posture-

 If there is any Female please wish her first.

 Remember time very carefully

    - Before 12 o'clock - Good Morning

    - Between 12- 4 PM- Good Afternoon

    - After 4 PM- Good Evening

 Wait till the board asks/ permits you to sit and say thanks before sitting.

 Sit in straight posture with hands in your lap/ thigh. Avoid fidgeting and slouching.

 Make your eye contact with the board.

 Voice must be Clear/Audible / Humble and polite.

 Give your answers confidently.

 Always be positive. Be honest & be yourself.

 Take some pause while answering to the board.

 Always say thank you very much sir when the board informs/ corrects you anywhere.

 When you are unable to answer any question say -

    - Sorry sir I do not know

    - Sir I have heard about it but I am unable to recall at the movement, sorry Sir.

    - Sir I have read it somewhere but unable to recall, sorry Sir.

 Always pay full respect to the board.

 When Chairman says thanks, your interview is over say-

    - You are welcome sir


    - It's my pleasure sir

 Before leaving the room you have to say-

    - Thank you sir...thank you very much &

    - Have a nice day [before 4 PM ]

    - After 6 PM you can say good night.

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