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5 things recruiters should NEVER say to candidates.

1. "We don't have time for questions."

• Avoid dismissing or rushing through candidates' questions. Fostering open communication is essential, and candidates should feel comfortable asking questions to make informed decisions about the role and company.

2. "We already have a preferred candidate, but we're still interviewing."

• It's unprofessional and discouraging to suggest that the recruitment process is predetermined. This can damage trust and the candidate's enthusiasm for the role.

3. "We can't share the salary range."

• Transparency is crucial in salary discussions. Candidates need to know if a role aligns with their salary expectations. Not sharing the salary range can be seen as evasive and may deter top talent.

4. "Tell me about your personal life or family."

• Avoid asking personal or family-related questions during interviews. This type of inquiry can be invasive and discriminatory. Stick to job-related questions to assess qualifications.

5. "We'll get back to you, but we never do."

• Failing to follow up or provide feedback after an interview is unprofessional and disrespectful to candidates. Recruiters should communicate clearly and in a timely manner, even if it's to convey that the candidate was not selected.