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Employment v/s Career Building

Once a saint visited the construction site and provoked to encounter some of the labours working on the site. In accordance to his exertion, he got an opportunity to have a word with one of the labours. The saint, very calmly asked him what do you do here? Astonished labour because of this sudden question, could not understand the significance of the question neither the intention of the saint. So very flatly, he informed that he is performing the labour to earn his bread & butter.

With no surprise the saint moves ahead, meets another labour and repeats his question; fortunately this labour had some sense and he percolates the question into his senses and responds back that he is working to secure the future of his family. The saint blesses him and moves ahead and finally decides to impede his experiment by asking the last labour whoever encounters.

The saint gets his last participant too and the same question is being asked to that labour. At this time, with the surprise of the saint, the labour responds back that he is contributing in the making of an edifice.

So thing is that, all three were doing the same but the attitudes of them were different. Success also depends on the right attitude. If attitude is not minded then it becomes the arrogance. Here, we, at iRojgar, encourages our job seekers to cultivate and build such an attitude and help them to raise above the paradigm of normal employment to career building.

Come, be a part of this talent hunt and carve your career with us, not just seek for an ordinary employment.