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Are Ample Jobs Available in the Market?

Our experts did the survey that in Surat there are approximate 10 engineering colleges (all diploma, degree, private, govt etc) and their overall intake is approx 600 students (per year for overall all faculties); so if we count then there are 600 X 10 = 6000 engineers are coming in market every year.If we stretch this example and lets consider just 10 big cities of Gujarat then this figures goes 6000 X 10 = 60,000 engineers per year. 

 The scnerio is not different for MBA colleges or other such courses. With a deviation of 10 to 15% the figure reaches to same proportion, i.e. for an MBA field, 200 students intake per year X 5 business schools approx per city X 10 major cities of Gujarat = 10,000 MBA professionals (all specializations) are dumped into the market. Same way traditionl bachelors & masters degree holders are in lakhs. This we are taalking about just one state Gujarat; to know the nationwide status, simply multiply all figures with 25. Moreover unskilled, skilled and semi skilled workers, laboures etc are not counted in the example. 

 But here the major question arises - Is the market have potential to absorb these lakhs of freshers, new comers justifying their skills and specialization? Candidates having MBA, paramedical, pharmacy degrees are queuing in banking exams and other 3rd class level govt vacancies. Recnt news paper coverage showed that an advertisement of vacancy for a peon somewhere in Middle India received millions of applications of masters, doctarate and highly qualified people.

 Why such situation? Because there is no bridge which can feel the gap between opportunity and talent. Therefore, iRojgar came into existent and we have committed to thrive over this sitution. So join and help us making the youth independant and self reliant. Come on, join the mission.